Your life happens in phases.

When the grass is greener, you find amusement from crude double entendres, of related images compiled in a certain way to create something else entirely, usually something vaguely sexual. But, then you wake up one day, you realize everyone does it and they’re significantly less clever than they think.

In other words, the marketing team behind the Baywatch film poster are a bunch of bro-morons.

In case you can’t already tell, they arranged the beach balls and rescue board on the poster so that they resemble an erect penis and testicles.

Or as they probably phrased it in the pitch meeting, “How about we shape the beachballs and surfboard into a cock ‘n’ balls, brah?”  Ho ho.

I can’t remember when this crude innuendo-based marketing got popular, but it hasn’t been long. Maybe in the last three or four years. Coincidentally, this is also when a generation of Millennials hit their twenties and, fresh from the fraternities, probably hitched it at a prestigious advertising house.

The only example that springs immediately to mind is, “Rock Out With Your Glock Out,” which Google tells me belongs to the 2010 “comedy” Cop Out. The theory almost holds.

Sometimes I despair at the state of the world, how the world prefers instant gratification as opposed to properly set-up jokes and payoffs. But, really all I ask of the world is that they think before they speak. They might even like what they say.

Groucho Marx was the master of the double entendres. Watch any compilation of his comedic work. Even if you’ve seen Duck Soup half a dozen times, his punchlines always land yet are never obvious.

Let’s Make Double Entendres Great Again.


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